Best Pacific Northwest Campgrounds For Kids and Husbands

First topic of discussion on our blog? Camping with the family. There is no better or cheaper way to make your husband and kids happy while justifying drinking large quantities of wine! Does everyone here agree that kids, with their abundant and seemingly endless source of energy, simply cannot be cooped up inside the house for so long? This is an actual fact- ask any parent who has had an experience dealing with their kids on summer vacations! Thank goodness for summer camps and vacationing (which was probably invented to keep kids destroying everything in the house with their boredom), as they keep your house and overall sanity intact while providing an energy outlet for the young ones!
Having made up your mind to take that outdoor adventure, the question remains: Which are the best places to go to within 250 miles from Seattle? Check out these 3 special vacation spots that offer something for everyone. These spots are Park Bench Online approved!!

1.  Lakedale Resort near Friday Harbor, WA in the San Juans.

Friday Harbor is known far and wide as an excellent travel destination in Washington, and it is just around a hundred miles if you are coming from Seattle. The number one place for camping or—more like it—glamping is Lakedale Resort. A Honda Odyssey or something similar should be perfect for this car trip. If the kids are craving for the sun, the beaches and the ocean, then there is simply no doubt that you have come to the right place! Walk around the local beaches with your toes sinking into the warm sand, or go for a quick swim and frolic with your children to cool down from the unbearable heat. Friday Harbor is also home to Puget Sound, where Orca whale lovers come to see the gentle giants, along with sea otters, porpoises and harbor seals in the autumn season! Have your kids unwind in the easy, casual island living and have them view mountain meadows and lush valleys that will fill their soul with calm.

2. Elk Ridge Campground (close to Naches, WA)

Get your kids back in touch with nature by visiting near Mt. Rainier National Park and then head on over to Elk Ridge Campground, just 2 hours or so from Seattle. This campground has everything, including RV sites, small cabins and tent locations. Forget all the technological wonders like cellphones, tablets and laptops and stack your SUV with camping goodies such as a sturdy tent for an outdoor sleepover or two, plenty of drinking water, extra clothes, mountain bikes and cooking gear. Upon arriving, you can start tackling the numerous hiking trails available, teach your kids survival basics, ditch your husband, and cap the day off with storytelling around the campfire for a classic American nature evening.

3. Buds RV near Seaside, OR

Are you and your family up for some rustic fun but have an RV that normally just sits next to your house and does nothing? Do not miss Bud’s Campground near Seaside, OR. We were blown away by he beauty of the North Oregon Coast (a good 190+ mile car trip, but made pleasant by either large quantities of Benadryl for the kids and pets or your husband driving and you sipping from a Bota Box) and show them what old-fashioned fun truly means! Seaside has all the trappings of a classic scenery- sweeping vistas with trail hikes dotted across the land, and a ton of coastal activities that your kids can safely partake in. Festivals are often celebrated, bike tours and the local food is something to be tried at least once in your life. Cap off your awesome vacation with a visit to Funland Arcade- shoot some basketball hoops, ride the bump car or play some quick foosball.

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